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Serving the best since 1945

Located in Los Angeles, Chronis Famous Sandwich Shop serves up the best burgers, sandwiches, and more to please your appetite, as well as your wallet. Everything is made fresh when you order it, and takeout is available. Call us today at 323-728-7806

Outdoor Dining

Eat, enjoy and relax

No matter what you’re in the mood for, you’ll find it at our sandwich shop. From mouthwatering burgers to our famous chili dogs made with homemade chili, you’re sure to find something to please your taste buds. You’ll find nothing but fast, friendly service at our sandwich shop, and the food is always fresh. We don’t make it until you order it. Choose to in our outside seating for a breath of fresh air while you enjoy your meal.

the best in the west on the east side

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Double Hamburger


Chili or Cheese Burger


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Double Chili and Cheese Burger


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Chili Bowl and Crackers


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Hamburger, Fries & Drink

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DBL Hamburger, Fries & Drink

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Hot Dog, Fries & Drink

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Pastrami, Fries & Drink

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Hamburger, Hot Dog, Fries & Drink

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Chicken Sandwich, Fries & Drink

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Fish Sandwich, Fries & Drink

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What others have said

My hubby and I have been to many places looking for some good chili cheese fries. We found this place through yelp and boy am I glad we did. My 9 year old daughter had a plain cheeseburger and when I asked if she liked it her reply was " who would have known such a small specimen would be packed with so much flavor". My hubby and I got a chili dog, chili cheese fries and a pastrami. The chili dog had a crunch and every bite had chili and cheese. Yummm. The chili cheese fries were so good hubby got back in line for some more. Staff was nice and fast. Would definitely recommend this place!

7/29/2018 : Stephanie C. - Los Angeles, CA

I've been coming to this place since I was a kid!! The BEST hot dogs!! If you like your hot dog to have a "snap" then this is the place for you!! The french fries are delicious, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. They make your order quickly and they are extremely friendly. Love this place. This is the ONLY place I get hot dogs from. Also, they are a part of the community. They are right next to a bus stop and when people ask to get quarters for their dollar they do it for them. That's just human kindness in the community. It's just great to see that too. But MOSTLY the food is delicious!!!

8/5/2018 : Melissa G. - Los Angeles, CA

I came here because my favorite electronica song of all time music video was filmed here (Dirty Vegas - Days Go By) but I was going to have to have lunch just because. So I got a double cheeseburger with fries and it didn't disappoint. It was exactly what I was expecting. Just a good old greasy cheeseburger that was cooked perfectly. If your looking for a great lunch place this is the place.

9/1/2018 : Cody K. - Las Vegas, NV

What can I say about Chronis. This place has be a premier spot for hot dogs and hamburgers for over 50 years. Top recommendations for this place.

8/24/2018 : Steven M.

Love this place, been coming here since 89' best hot dog an chili cheese fries and also the pastrami is the best you will find in east los.

8/29/2018 : Rodney R.

Visited this place with my bestie. It took me back to memory lane. Good hot dogs, hamburgers and chili fries. Didn't get to to try the pastrami sandwich. I will come back anytime!

7/3/2019 : Eli C.

I have been coming to this place with my parents since I was a kid. They have the best hot dogs ever! I love their hot dogs! I don't even like hot dogs, but I love their hot dogs. I also love their chili and it tastes homemade. The burgers are fresh and tasty and so is the pastrami. The fries are pretty good too. This is the only place that I will have a hot dog at. The staff are nice people. Thanks for making my favorite hot dogs Chronis'!

11/7/2019 : Gina A. - Whittier, CA.

The best!!! The best chili dogs, burgers, and fries!!! OG place been there for years. Covers all the details buns are soft and hot dogs are good quality. Sooooooo goood !!

12/5/2019 : Mamas C. - Oceano, CA

I've been coming here as far back as I can remember. Chili dogs are great, and I'm not a hot dog person, they crunch when u bite, chili is really good. Cheeseburgers are also delish...OMG! U have to check it out!

1/20/2020 : Lora A.

Best chili dogs around. I like mine with everything, which means onions and mustard but also add tomatoes and pickles. Hots dogs have a snap to them and chili is delish. Service is always friendly and if you mention you grew up on this stuff, plan to to talk about some of the glory days with them. Fries are always good and love getting some grape soda which is old school as well. Make sure to grab some yellow chiles too! Prices are fair for the amount of food you get.

2/6/2020 : David C.

Some of the best dogs I've ever had. Nice and crispy wieners served here (ok that sounded weird). An East LA classic everyone knows Chroni's is a hidden gem. I don't crave Hot Dogs too often but happen to be in the area the other day so we decided to stop on in. Same good dogs as I remember from back in the days. Chili Cheese fries and a Chili Dog hits the spot! A bit pricey IMO but at least the dogs were good. Their Chili may be better than Tommy's Chili......hmmm interesting. Come see for yourself. Honorable Mention: Some of the best chili around! Dogs are nice and crispy.

2/19/2018 : Jae J. - Pico Rivera, CA

I have been passing by this place for years & I mean YEARS . One day (recently) I drove by , baffled at how I have never tried this place . Craving a hot dog and fries , decided to stop . Very delicious , love the ambiance and the old school-ness . So happy you guys are still running doing your thing and I'll be back soon !

9/17/2020 : Monique M.

Chronis' has been around since I was a kid and it is great. It is not pretty, don't expect that. It is spotless and the service is great. Right now, during Covid they are take out only. When all this is over you will find seating in their outdoor area. This is a place where you walk up, order, pay and get your food. They have the best hots dogs with chili and you will love their French fries and ask them to put chili on them as well. Their burgers are super tasty. This is junk food at its best and you will love it. It is must stop if you are anywhere near the area. Have the best time.

7/29/2020 : Elizabeth L.

Come by for some of the best hot dogs and chili tamales in Los Angeles! It's worth the drive down Whittier and taste their food. They have gotten a little modern now, they take debit cards too! My wife's family has been coming here for 25 years now and even in the age of the RONA it's still a great experience.

5/16/2020 : Jeff H.